Wilderness Valley Property Owners Association

Our Mission and Purpose


Why We Are the WVPOA...

Wilderness Valley is an association managed development, governed by members of the Wilderness Valley Property Owners Association, or WVPOA for short.


Once a developer sells all the lots in his development, management of the community is left up to the residents and property owners. A group of these residents and property owners form and establish an association, to manage and govern the development in a democratic, majority rules type of way, much like the way our founding fathers set out to manage and operate our country. Both the developer and the homeowners operate the Association with the help and advice of others, such as accountants, lawyers, and public officials.

The WVPOA Association is a private, non-profit organization, in which all property owners must be allowed to be members. Each property owner in the development has certain rights and obligations regarding their property, and since one of those rights, perhaps the most important, is the right to be heard and have a voice when it comes to voting on changes that affect the property owner and his/her investment.

The WVPOA is represented and governed by an elected, non-remunerated, volunteer group of nine resident property owners, known as the Board of Directors. These Board members appoint four members out of this group of nine to serve on the Board as officers. The four officers positions are President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Each officer has certain duties and responsibilities they must fulfill in accordance with the Associations by-laws. By-laws are the rules voted in effect by the majority of the Association members.

The major goal of the Board is to protect property valuations within the development and preserve the overall beauty and numerous amenities the development has to offer. This is accomplished by the implementation and enforcement of the deed restrictions, building standards and other policies in effect. The Board also provides and oversees a low-cost rubbish collection facility, snow removal services, private road maintenance, and common recreational areas for the enjoyment and use of all its members. These services are offered at a rate far below what the average home or property owner would have to pay normally, since all of the members in the Association and community share a small portion of the total overall cost.

The WVPOA board also has other duties and responsibilities, too, such as setting up an effective communication system among members through annual meetings, the Association website and email "E-Blast." The Board must also establish sound financial and record keeping practices, practical budgets and assessments, and collect assessments and dues from all members and property owners.

You are, as a Wilderness Valley property owner, invited and encouraged to take an active role in the governing of your community by participating where you will be most effective, even if that means just paying your dues and road assessments on time and attending the annual meetings. You may also take a more active role by sharing and utilizing your talents and skills by volunteering to serve on the Board or on a committee. Both the WVPOA and you will benefit.


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